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#84379 - Jessica awakes again the pain is still there she feels the spit moving through her body and out her mouth she feels her hands and feet being tied to the spit then Stacey giving her a final kiss on the cheek she is lifted up and carried to the pit and placed over the coals the heat is intense Stacey is standing over her carefully basting her she fades into darkness. Jerry Took a moment to think and then glanced back over to Stacey who was still staring at him waiting to hear his rule's, First All females visitor's will be naked at all times, Second you agree not to interfere with the processing procedures, This especially applies to you, being as how you are deeply involved with the meat, in the back, Third all female visitors will be locked up during the night. Jessica would never do that to me she loved me and I loved her you are lying she said though tear filled eye's tears rolling down her face into the sink under her head, No I’m not He said and pulls o

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Of course bruh
Tomoe karijuku
Teaching myself portuguese an spanish this will help me learn faster great hentai