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#345669 - You just figured, Alicia Denton interrupted, that you would ignore proper procedure, well, young lady, this is going to stop right this instant or I can guarantee that you will not get credit for this course and subsequently will not graduate, do I make myself clear!?! Yes, ma'am, Samantha replied softly, very clear!!! Samantha got up out of her chair and was about to leave when Miss Denton asked sharply, And just where do you think you're going!?! My next class, Samantha asked hopefully?!? Not until you have taken a good hot soapy shower, Alicia Denton replied, and I mean now!!! But I'll be late for fifth period, Samantha whined, and I'm already dressed, can't I just start taking showers tomorrow!?! Of course you'll be taking a shower tomorrow, Alicia replied quickly, but that doesn't change the fact that you will be taking one today also!!! Now, Alicia Denton said a little more gently, follow me and I'll let you

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