Raw Shirotae no Shuushifu - Shuumatsu no izetta Super

(C92) [俺たちミスノン一家 (須原シイナ)] 白妙の終止符 (終末のイゼッタ)


Characters: Bianca (15)
Languages: Japanese
Categories: Doujinshi
26 pages - Uploaded
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#216483 - After my husband shot a massive load in my mouth, he was replaced by another guy, as I sucked on him I noticed something, his cock tasted like pussy, my pussy, they had been fucking me and when they shot off inside me they would pull out and come around so I could suck them clean, this went on for a couple of hours, until I had cum running out of my pussy, off my face and all over my ass and back, my husband and a guy helped me walk over to a secluded part of the lake, the helped me into the water and started to splash it on to me the stranger a young guy about 25 was washing the cum off my hairy pussy and ass I felt his fingers going in my pussy and trying to get into my ass, my husband was washing my face and tits, they lowered me into the cold water it felt so good as the rubbed my pussy, they helped me back to where we were laying, they helped me down to the ground, where I fell asleep with my legs open and my pussy for the world to see. My husband and I took a trip back to Germany

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