#349515 - I had a couple of joints and jumped in the shower to freshen up, and set off to hers, she only lived 10 minutes walk away which was a bonus, I was slightly nervous for some reason, She was by no means the first person I'd slept with, far from it, but for some reason I was a little nervous that evening. After about 10 minutes she stood up and stripped off, I could not believe the view before my eyes, she had blonde hair down to her shoulders, perfect perky tits, a nice slim body and legs that went on for miles. To my surprise I got a reply, to start with it was just the usual, how's your day going? Not to bad thanks yourself? Etc, but that quickly changed.

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Ichika takatsuki
That teasing with your wet hair omg
Emi sendou
They get paid well for what they do
Hiro kurama
Defintely need more of her
Kokichi ouma
Glad you liked
Love that rimjob