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#280926 - His hips thrusting into and out of her, each time Sharon pulling him back to her with her legs like a rabid animal trying to keep hold of its kill. ‘Sharon’ has kindly given me this to share with you all, after the great feedback from the first story she has agreed to tell more about her affair with ‘Harry’ *************************************************************** Sharon had Harry on her mind all the rest of the month after she had first had sex with him, she couldn’t believe what it had felt like, the sheer size of his cock made it more intense then anything she’d had before. “I’m err… I’m” Sharon didn’t know what to say “This is Sharon, she is a friend who kindly helped me over here Wendy” Harry voice came from behind Sharon and she sighed with relief.

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Himari noihara
What is the tattoo on the back of her leg
Must of been a big load
Matagu shidou
Show your face to see the world who you are