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#292668 - Dunn stood up and undid her kimono revealing the best pair of tits it has been my pleasure to gaze upon in my life and a clean shaven pussy to go with it, she dropped her kimono on the floor and walked to the sofa in the living room, I followed her and dropped to my knees between her curvy legs, as I leant forward Mrs. Dunn sat on the side of my bed reached under the covers and take old of my floppy cock shook her head then pulled my covers back and just stuck my semi hard cock in her mouth and sucked me to a impressive erection then to my surprise she threw her leg over my head and for the second time in that day I was licking her big shaven pussy that I so wanted to fuck. Dunn let out a scream and begged me to push harder which I did till my cock was fully embedded in her bum, I began to slip in and out of her arse making her climax time and time again till I could take no more and I injected her arse with what felt like gallons of cum.

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