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#142540 - this continued for few weeks and one day during day time he became active and kinky and talked about it to me for the first time and asked me to deepthroat his rod as he is a really big fan of deepthroat bjs he used to hold my head against his belly really hard to make sure his entire rod was inside my mouth and throat and my chin touching his balls,he used to hold me in that position for about 5-10 seconds repeatedly and used to cum deep inside my throat at the end,although I never was really big fan of cum swallow, I did it for him out of love. But he made me a promise that he won't out our secret to anyone.

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Kyaru | kiruya momochi
Das training mag ich
I was waiting for him to fuck her ears next
Zhen ji
That beautiful long hair just ads to a very hot fuck pull it hard