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#237281 - She has red hair(cut in a bob') and green eyes, eyes that say many things, but when she gets a certain smile on her face they definately say i wanna suck your cock and fuck your brains out. When she broke I became aware that she was massaging my cock through my shorts in a meaningful way, what if the others come in? I said, shh was her reply, then she said You know how I told you I didn't like the idea of sticking a cock, in my mouth? mm I said, well, i am going to do for you, what I have never done for another man, and will never do for another man, and with that she dropped to her knees, pulling my shorts down my thighs, then she blew on my ever stiffening cock, cool, then warm, cool again, ooh she cooed, you have a gorgeous cock she said pulling back the foreskin,and you are all shaved, you dirty bugger she said.

Read Femdom Pov 俺が班長さんのピーに負けるはずない! - Osomatsu-san Asshole 俺が班長さんのピーに負けるはずない!

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Cure yell
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