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#219571 - For my first bit part, I was given a one line speaking part of a deputy sheriff coming into the saloon, announcing to the movie star’s downtrodden hero, that the sheriff was waiting for him at his office. So, as the car moved on in its search for me, I got up and ran to the back entrance of the park and soon I was on a street that she was not familiar with and the odds were that she wouldn’t think of. And so, I practiced all the way to the studio, and when they shot my scene right at the beginning of the session’s day, I let it fly and there was an incredulous look to Louis’s eyes with my outburst and the director yelled out, “Cut!” There was a riot about to break out and all of a sudden, the director asked Louis to come and look at the playback and Louis got real excited and yelled, “I have been trying to get that look for years.

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