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#297996 - Jerry handing Jessica a tag, Jessica loads it into a tagging gun while guards hold Samantha down Jessica takes Samantha's left pussy lip and quickly attaches the tag to her AHHHHHHH She screamed from the pain, Jessica here is an apprentice meat worker, you would have either been slaughtered and butchered, or spitted whole by her Jerry said to Samantha NO I DONT BELIVE YOU, SHE IS NOT THAT MEAN!! Samantha yelled while crying from the pain the new tag was causing in her pussy. Ok let’s do this, boss came Jessica's reply as they moved closer to the trailer’s, Damn these girl's are filthy Jerry said looking at Jessica. Ok Jessica now sit here at the computer I want you to get all the information you can from each meat-girls name, age, hair and eye color, skin color, get it all down in the computer and assign each meat-girl a livestock number, you will also get to choose who will be sent to the spit, to slaughter, or be kept as a dairy or breeder cow Jerry said

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