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#386274 - Ben just lay there praying that by some miracle Scott would climb into bed beside him, That his brother would take him in his arms and cuddle and kiss him, he wanted to feel the heat of his brothers body against his. As Scott’s hand reached it’s destination, as Scott touched his boxer covered cock for the first time he opened his eyes, Oh this is happening, this is for real, He thanked the Lord for answering his prayers, just as Scott looked towards his face, Ben could see that Scott was nervous, he just smiled at him, letting him know it was ok to keep going, that he wanted this to happen, that he was fine with what was happening. His young cock began to grow hard again and he began to stoke his smooth silky skin, thinking of his brother in the room next door stroking his own cock wanking hard and fast using Ben’s own spunk as lube, Ben let out another light whimper and the third load of the night dribbled over his hand, he brought his hand to his mouth and tasted his boy ju

Read Fingers On'na Touzoku no Oppai Wana - Original Blowing On'na Touzoku no Oppai Wana

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Yura onoda
Omg that hentai made me so wet
Rosa farrell
A bit kinky but i loved watching cory you are awesome as ever love the other girl too a new thing but a nice thing