#109002 - I watched him roll the condom over his cock and crawl in between my legs and guide his condom covered cock inside me he was trying his best to poke around but the condom was just ruining it for both of us I grabbed the guy by the neck and pulled him in to makeout with him while I reached around and grabbed his cock removing the condom and guided his cock inside me. Tonight I went to another nightclub out of town just to get a new ***********ion of people, I found a spot to dance with my friends and began scouting. I tossled my fingers in my pussy freaking out explaining to the girl next to me im not on the pill and there is cum inside me I started to freak out badly starting to get very anxious and angry I knew exactly where it came from to it would have been that dickhead from his hotel room he probably dumped a load in me without telling me I was definitely of my tits drunk so there was no way I could’ve detected it earlier.

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