#313745 - The stream of piss changed direction and she too began to soak up the hot pee. Well the kids finished off, and slept together in Kim's bed, Sue and I slept in the games room with a few of the guys, all drifting off into a well earnt sleep. I got our big toy out and gave Kim a good arse fucking with it, then she turned me around and fucked me silly with the same toy, at one point one of the guys shoved his cock in me too while Kim was still fucking me, I felt really good when he did that, as the tightness was so intense,, After we had all had fun, I took Kim into the shower, kneeling her down I started to piss over her face and boobs, she massaged it in her skin, as I saw others look on, they too joined in with me, washing the cum from her body.

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