Cash Puniana GLANDE - Granblue fantasy Husband

[エジプトそば屋 (タイコウ)] ぷにあなGLANDE (グランブルーファンタジー)


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#340371 - There was my husband sitting in his work clothes at the table having his coffee. ‘Now here are some rules I’m going to lay down for you, if you break any of these rules it will result in the worst punishment. Few seconds had past and now both Christian and Frank was in rhythm every time they thrust ford they did it at the same time, eventually even Christian called me a good puppy and that’s what it took to push me over the edge to another orgasm, I moaned all over Christian’s dick which was soon followed by franks orgasm and a slap on the ass from him, only christian was left but his time soon came he gripped my head between his hands and thrusted his dick down my mouth he let out a long moan blowing load after load of hot cum into my mouth knowing what to do I swallowed it all loving the taste of it.

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