#61997 - The frequencies of blows and caresses increase, some are simultaneous that I am no longer sure if there is just one tormentor in there with me. Maybe I will find some rocks, a cove, a cave… don’t know how that will be any less scary… but maybe I will find one with lights, big fluorescent lights that line the cave walls and lead me to a room with a nice bed and maybe you. “Hello” “Hello… How are you?” “I… I am… I am glowingly fine, I guess?” “Er… why?” “I na… I had this dream…” “There you go!” “Arre… you want the short version or the long one?” “The short version” “Well… huh ok… in that case… I just got thoroughly fucked!” “Ahemm… Inappropriate!” “I believe my pussy disagrees” “Besharam… I think I will pass by, if you are ok with it.

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Miharu tatebayashi
Nice and creamy
For real
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Such feeling will lead you to the dark side that they will