#330183 - Many people were both terrified and excited about the fact that I was able to control people, I assured those people I wouldn't use this on them, I didn't really have control of this, plus would a prodigy actually go into people’s minds and do something really bad with them? No, right? Part 4: While I was quite wanting to continue using this power, was it legal? I looked online and didn’t find much on it, after all, it did look like a hoax right? Many people considered it legal, there was nothing against or for it, so it was more of a “whether or not you damage or somehow emotionally stress someone”, so I just had to make sure I was using this power safely, and I would be fine, and it should be legal anyways, It was in my psychologist education. She obeyed immediately, cutting off mid-number. “Oh my god your pussy is so TIGHT” I cried in response.

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