#329289 - At about 11:30 Christina woke me up and told me what time it was, I was too tired to drive the half hour home so I asked her if she minded if I stayed over, she of course didn't mind. After a while I told her to get on all fours, she did, and I walked behind her and licked her pussy and asshole which made her wiggle with excitment, I then slid my cock in her pussy from behind and reached around a played with her clit while I fucked her, she was pushing back against my cock on every thrust, and I could feel my balls tightening up, she reached between her legs and started playing with my balls, well I could'nt take it much longer, I told her that I was ready to cum and with that she pushed back so hard against my cock that it erupted with streams of my hot sticky seed, filling her up, she kept on pushing back and I kept on cumming, soon my hot seed was dripping down her leg. Jenny climbed onto the bed and took my cock in her mouth once again, she sucked my cock so good

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