#158577 - Razzak asked if I'm ok while my face lay close enough to feel his warm spicy breath when he spoke and had me reply yes I'm perfect now. I smiled at him close by and listened to him name me Zeenat as my secret Muslim name which I liked and kissed him till he finished lubing his cock below and lifted my petite Hindu sexy body up on his chest to hold his giant peach sized circumcised cock head on my slit and lower me down to stuff into me. I grabbed him hard and cried over his shoulder like a child as he opened my tiny pussy up like a flower in bloom and spread my petals over his big juicy head to swallow him like a ball of lust and feel it stretch it's was along my tight Hindu vagina slow and painful.

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Chigusa sakai
This is what i wanted for my 18th birthday never came true
I love this girl is very cute