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#370247 - “That feels weird! Stop it!” She moaned. I reached a hand down and rubbed her clit with immense speed, fucking her a little faster until I could hear her groaning louder and louder, her grunts becoming a continuous chant as our lips locked in passion once more before I felt her cunt contract around my member, her legs squeezing me hard as I tried to get myself off, quite close but no quite there, she fell limp expecting me to cum straight after her. Clearly thinking it through she replied, “Well my boyfriend can’t usually do it but; I loved to be done against the wall!” she giggled as we stood; my dick never leaving her wet pussy.

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Makoto nanaya
They both look good i would have fucked the shit outta both
Urushi yaotome
Mai shibamura
I love how he talking to her and the way she just take tge dick and leave a mess pure suction