#74076 - puppyslut tried to get away but of course could not, mistress sank down on the head of his swollen cock, she lashed at him with both tongue and teeth, the torment continued, his soul she would eat! the noises her pup let out cannot cannot ever be described, in the state he was in, sensitivity exceeded those circumcized! against bonds he buckled and thrashed, with teeth firmly gritted and gnashed, she sucked off his dick, and acquired his soul, he sent a stream of life into her being with the most wolfen-like woul, she licked the overspray off of her fingers like some kind of ghoul, and then her puppy opened his eyes looked at her and said cool! Vampire mistress smiled, having known this the whole time, that this would be the outcome, the end of his puppyslut mind, and so she petted his head, into ears whispering ,now you are mine, owning a puppyslut. (or being one) What could be more divine!?.


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Hange zoe
Uuy you seem scared of him lol
You can spend hours trying to find someone who knows what men like and not find anyone close to her